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OUR STORY is a launching point. As the founder I am a serial entrepreneur and have always been able to spot opportunities and come up with ideas. I lacked the technical and creative skills to turn them into profitable businesses so they mostly sat dormant in my brain. Instead of taking off and running with my ideas I pursued traditional business models such as the mortgage industry, financial services, real estate investing and even a town car service.

With the progression of the internet, social media and the evolution of the gig economy I have closely followed people profiting online and become more and more intrigued. The beauty of what I have seen is how simple it has become to be a part of this revolution. The internet is here to stay, life is done on a smart phone and people are looking for conveniences more and more everyday. 

This landscape has become super attractive to a guy like me with no technical skills and no real creative genius. All the most challenging aspects are covered now so I all I have to do is bring my ideas to the market and deliver value to people in the space that interests me. 

Current projects are my rideshare guide to making money with Uber/Lyft/Favor/Doordash and so on. The next project is in partnership with a good friend Jorge Bosch. We are developing a step by step guide to becoming a commercial pilot from zero hours in under 3 years. I will be super hands on with this community and hope to bring you tons of value. Let me and the team know how we can help you!

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